Boundary surveys and topographic surveys are the foundations upon which projects are designed and the tools that allow us to shape existing site features into projects. They allow us to see what is there so that we can plan what will be. Our crews have the training, commitment, and equipment necessary to provide the most accurate survey possible.

We emphasize efficiency, attention to detail and self-checking procedures.  Topographic surveys are always field-checked after drafting to eliminate errors.  The result is a design quality finished product that is complete, economical, and reliable.

ALTA surveys are also a staple of our business.  We have such an excellent reputation for the quality of these surveys that title companies and mortgage companies routinely recommend us to their clients. We have prepared ALTA surveys of entire real estate portfolios including up to 56 separate properties.

On-call surveying services to our public and private sector clients are also an integral part of our surveying operations.  Our survey staff understands the difficulties that our clients encounter when they are using an on-call outside surveyor and we therefore partner with our on-call clients to meet their staffing needs and their project-specific surveying requirements.

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